A craft perfected over 300 years

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The number one Irish ale, Smithwick's has been brewed since 1710, and in that time the brewers have learned a thing or two about beer.  A seven time winner of La Monde gold medal, 300 years on, Smithwick’s is still a favourite with ale drinkers today. Smithwick’s is available on draught, in bottle and can. The aroma is clean and delicate with individual notes, and from the top fermentation by the Smithwick’s yeast, come aromatic esters, creating a fruity aroma. The aroma hops, added late in the boil, contribute clean, fresh floral notes. ABV 3.8%.  In 2011, Smithwick’s launched Smithwick’s Pale Ale, its first innovation since 1987.

Over 300 years on and the Smithwick’s global footprint is ever growing and is, today, enjoyed in the UK, North America, Korea and several other countries. Experience. It’s what you do with it that counts.

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The indomitable spirit of the Irish has been well documented. They’ve overcome wars, floods, famines, religious persecution and political repression. The brewers of Smithwick’s Irish Ale have also persevered since 1710.

This indomitable spirit is seen in the Irish immigrants who settled in America. Many had rebelled against the established order in the Northeast, yet against great odds, they ascended from humble origins to positions of wealth and prominence. And it was these Irish-Americans who “unofficially” imported Smithwick’s Ale to Boston in the 1950s. The Smithwick’s brand mirrored their experience and became a badge of heritage and pride.

Today, we stand as keepers of their legacy.

According to legend, in January of 1950, 84 half cases of the first U.S. shipment of Smithwick’s arrived at the Boston docks, and then suddenly “vanished.” Click on the video below to see more about this untold story.